Case Studies

Pulmonary Rehab Case Study

This is a 69-year old female patient admitted to Collingswood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center with acute respiratory failure with hypoxemia s/p trach and PEG from Washington Hospital Center following a subarachnoid hemorrhage resulting in encephalopathy.

Nursing Interventions

Maintain patient safety
Blood sugar monitoring- lantus
Electrolyte monitoring- evaluated by Physicians frequently
Reviewed weekly at: Pulmonary IDT lead Pulmonologist, Dr. John

Dietary Interventions

Maintain Adequate Oxygenation- weaned from 28% on admission to room air on DC
Bronchodilation/ Secretion Clearance- Received Routine Nebulizer therapy
Trach Wean- Tolerated capping trials and was trach weaned within 3 weeks of her stay


Upon admission, the patient was bedbound requiring assistance with bed mobility, transfers, personal hygiene, toileting, and ambulation. Patient participated in in Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy 5 times a week to achieve her goals. Upon discharge, patient was able to ambulate with supervision, eat independently, and ambulate at least with assistance.

Patient expressed her gratitude for the staff and could not wait to return home to her family. “Thank you for all you’ve done for me”. Patient’s length of stay was 50 days. She was successfully trach weaned, PEG removed and discharged to Shady Grove Acute Rehab for further therapy.

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